At present, there are about 60 different surnames known to have members included in this cluster. Some surnames such as Kilgore, Sloan, Boggs and Munro have a large representation in the Little Scottish Cluster. Other surnames, have only a few members.

Families of the LSC

There are many factors that affect the number of members with a specific surname.

  • Some surnames may have been established earlier than the others, allowing them more time to grow in size.
  • Some families, perhaps due to economic/social circumstances, may have been better positioned to grow in size.
  • Some surname projects are perhaps just over-sampled, and a large number of members does not accurately reflect the population, relative to other families.

This table only includes families that have at least two participants who are members of our cluster. There are many more families with just one member at present. If I have missed a website for your family, or you wish to add others, please let me know. I look for new members from time to time, but have no way of catching them all. Please feel free to e-mail me if you find any new members or if you are a surname project and a new member enters your project. There is an Excel (2007) file, maintained semi-occasionally, containing a list of these members as well as their haplotypes.

The table below gives a list of the surnames present in each group, and a count of the members in each of them. Only those surnames where at least one man has tested to 67 markers is included. This is only a count of men tested at FTDNA, and not those tested at ScotlandsDNA, or by other companies.

GroupLastnames (number of members)Total number members
Group LSC1*Kilgore (20), Munro (19), Hall (11), McCorkle (8), Walker (9), Williamson (9), Mitchell (3), Colson (2), Shaw (2), Thompson (2), Hinds (1), Benjamin (1), Norris (1), McHenry (1), Land (1), Brown (1), unknown (1)133
Group LSC1a*Crockett (9), Doig (8), McClaren (6), Ewing (3), Ferguson (3), Savage (2), Reid (1), McArthur (1), Lamond (1), Keeney (1), Curren (1), Hamilton (1)37
Group LSC1a1Boggs(22), Stark(13), Livingston (2), Bogle (1), Walters (1), Clements (1), Ray (1)41
Group LSC1bSloan (31), Chambers (1), Adams (3), Wilson (4)39
Group LSC1cAkin(8), Russel(2), Hudson(1), Morrison(2)15
Group LSC2Reddin(2)2
Above are a list of surnames, with the number of members in parentheses, for the various groups A, B and C.

It should be noted that the group LSC1a1 surnames Livingston and Shearer have the value 15 for DYS534, whereas all other members of groups LSC1a and LSC1a have the value 16. The other markers for these individuals clearly show that they should indeed belong to group LSC1a1. It would appear that DYS534 marker mutated back to 15 in some recent common ancestor of these individuals.

The above grouping can only be done for surnames who have members of our cluster who have tested for at least the 67 marker FTDNA test. There are important surnames such as Thornton and Gilreath for which we have only 37 marker results, and as such can only guess at their proper group. Judging by the low values for CDYa, and the fact that they have DYS458 = 19, Thornon is possibly members of group B. The Gilreath members on the other hand have haplotypes that are consistent with group A.