There are a large number of men within the Little Scottish Cluster which carry the surname, Boggs.

Y-DNA Results

The Y-DNA results for the Boggs men can be found in two separate projects. There is the Boggs and Similar Names project where they are in group 1-Boggs/Livingston, and there is the Livingston/MacLea/Boggs surname DNA project, where the Boggs men are in group "3- Boggs". Apart from their association in the above projects, I'm not sure the Boggs and Livingston men share such a close genetic relationship.

Included in the above table are the Boggs men whose FTDNA kit number is public. Because of their close similarity I have also included Clements (150832) and Canady (N16254). There are other Boggs men tested as SMGF and an older match that was on the Boggs site as BX-1 that is not listed above.

The Boggs haplotype is a good fit to the group LSC1a1 men. LSC1a1 men typically have DYS534 = 16, CDYa <= 36-37, DYS385 = 11-15, DYS487 = 14 and DYS532 = 14. The Boggs men match all these values.

In addition to the LSC1a1 markers, the Boggs men including Canady have several other distinctive markers. The most important of these markers is DYS494. The Boggs men and Canady have the value 8, while all the other Little Scottish Cluster men have the value 9. This marker is particularly important because it mutates very slowly, which makes it more reliable. The other markers characteristic of the Boggs line are Y-GATA-A10 which takes on the value 12, rather than the usual 13, and perhaps DYS497 taking on the value 15 rather than 14.