The Stark men on the Little Scottish Cluster are a fairly recent family. In spite of their numbers, the haplotypes of the members remain very similar. Mutations have not had much time to accumulate. This family has already been very thoroughly analyzed by Clovis LaFleur, and the analysis can be found on his website. What follows below is little more than a presentation of the y-DNA results.

Y-DNA Results

On the FTDNA Stark surname project y-results page, the Little Scottish Cluster Stark results are Group 02, and one man from Group 09. The discussion below will focus on the men from Group 02. The project administrators have alreay broken the Stark men into 3 primary groups corresponding to known family lines. These lines correspond to the descendants of James, Archibald and Richard Stark.

In the above table, I haven't included the results for a Stark man whose kit number is 171830. Although he is a Stark, and also a part of the Little Scottish cluster, his haplotype is very different from the other Stark men, and must belong an alternate Stark line. However, I have included the results for another man who is not a part of the Stark surname project. He is kit number 171449 and his surname is Karlton. As can be seen from the above table, his haplotype matches the other Stark men very well. You can see his y-results from the Carlton surname project.

The Stark haplotype is a good fit to the group LSC1a1 men. LSC1a1 men typically have DYS534 = 16 (15 is the typical LSC1 value), CDYa <= 36-37, DYS385 = 11-15 and DYS487 = 14. The Stark men match all these values expect for DYS534. They have DYS534 = 17, which would seem to be one further mutation past 16 which is common to all the LSC1a men. In fact, this additional mutation is one of only four mutations the Stark modal haplotype has in comparison to the typical LSC1a1 men. As of June 15, 2013 no Stark men had yet upgraded to 111-markers.