There are a large number of men within the Little Scottish Cluster which carry the surname, Hall. Although the haplotypes for these men are all LSC like and are all similar to each other, they exhibit a great deal of variation. This variation indicates the the surname lineage must have been founded long ago, to allow sufficient time for the mutations to accumulate.

Y-DNA Results

The Y-DNA results for the Hall men are in two FTDNA projects. There is the main Hall project where the results are in group Family 019 R1b Northumberland & Borders, England AND early settlers in America, Canada and Australia. There is also the Haul project where the results are in group Hall of Rural Northumberland, England.

The above table of Hall results includes not only Hall men, but also Johnson men (160107, 124490) who have been proven to have an NPE in their ancestry as well as Benjamin (144379) who does not match the other known Benjamin results, but does match the top group of Hall men very well.