Munro seems to be another of the larger families within the Little Scottish Cluster. The data for this group is fairly minimal at the moment as so few have upgraded to 67-markers, and none to 111.

Y-DNA Results

The Y-DNA results for the Munro members can be found in the Munro FTDNA project in Group 04 - Lochfyneside Munros & those related. There are quite a few new members to this group that have only 12-marker results at the moment. Having so few markers, I won't attempt to determine if they belong to the Little Scottish Cluster.

Judging by the amount of variation we observe in just the first 37 markers of the results below, Munro is another of the older families in the cluster. Not surprisingly, it too has a fair number of members.

The members of this group show a great diversity in DYS390. The group is divided evenly with about a third of the men having DYS390 equal to either 23, 24, or 25. It is too early to say if the group should be divided up this way, as the balance of the markers don't show this pattern as yet. More testing in needed.