Surname Projects

Below is a list of websites of for various surnames in the Little Scottish Cluster. Although many are included, some are not. If you're a part of the LSC and don't see you name's project here, please let me konw.

Surname Project Sites

Below is a table summarizing the various families that are a part of our cluster. Only men who have had at least 67 markers tested (the FTDNA 67 marker test), and are confirmed to have DYS590 = 9, are included in the "# of members" count.

Surname# of membersWebsiteNotes (including subgroup)
Kilgore26Kilgore FTDNA ProjectAlmost all men in this project (Groups 1 to 6) belong to the LSC. Only the "Non Matching Kilgore Participants" or "Ungrouped" men are likely not a part of the LSC.
Sloan21Sloan FTDNA ProjectR-L21 "Little Scottish Cluster" SLOAN main line. This includes 3 Adams men whose haplotypes are very close to the Sloan men.
Boggs13 Boggs FTDNA:, Livingston/MacLea/Boggs FTDNA, Worldfamilies Boggs Project 1-Boggs/Livingston for the Boggs project, Lineage II for the Worldfamilies project and "3- Boggs" for the Livingston/MacLea/Boggs project.
Munro4Munro FTDNAGroup 04 - Lochfyneside Munros & those related. There are some extra men in this group who do not look like they belong to the LSC.
Stark13Stark FTDNAGroups 02a-02e
Hall12 Hall FTDNA, Haul FTDNAThe members are in Family 019 R1b Northumberland & Borders, England AND early settlers in America, Canada and Australia in the Hall FTDNA project, and in group Hall of Rural Northumberland, England for the Haul project. This includes 2 Benjamin and 2 Johnson men.
Crockett1Crockett FTDNASubgroup Five
Walker4Walker FTDNAGroup GR-14
Doig1Those with the green "Match"There are two entries on ySearch.
McCorkle7McCorkle FTDNAGroup 1 - McCorkle variations, Colonial U.S. & Ulster Plantation
Akin6Akins FTDNAThe members are in group AF01. 1 member in 'AF90 - Ungrouped R1b' also looks to be LSC.
Mc(C)laren8MacLaren FTDNAR1b Group Type 40: McClaren. There are also a couple members in some of the other groups. McClaren and McLaren seem to be separate lineages.
Thornton1Thornton FTDNAGroup E (South Carolina) R1b1a2
Williamson6Williamson FTDNAE Sub group
Gilreath4ClanGalbraith.orgGroup 6
Mitchell2Mitchell FTDNAHap R1b Group 04
Ewing1 Ewing FTDNA, Ewing Surname Y-DNA ProjectGroup 4b
Wilson5Wilson FTDNAR1b1a2 (R-M269+). There are two independent Wilson lineages in the LSC.
Ferguson3 Ferguson FTDNA: , Fergus(s)on DNA ProjectGroup R1b : L21 Little Scots in the Ferguson FTDNA project
Savage1Savage WorldfamiliesHaplogroup R1b>P312>L21>DF21
Colson2Colson FTDNA: R1b--Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Livingston5 Boggs FTDNA:1-Boggs/Livingston, Livingston/MacLea/Boggs FTDNA"3- Boggs"
Thompson4Thompson FTDNAHaplogroup R1b -(subgroup-ze). There's another in the 'Ungrouped' category.
Stewart2Stewart FTDNAR1b Subclade : R1b1a2 (M-269): Unassigned. The haplotypes of the two 67-marker Stewart men are quite different, and are likely from independent lineages.
Russell1Russell WorldfamiliesHaplogroup R1b - No Match yet in the Project
Morrison1Morrison DNA ProjectGroup Y
Shaw1Shaw WorldfamiliesHaplogroup R1b - Lineage VI
Gilmore1Gilmore FTDNAUngrouped
Clucas1Isle of Man (Manx) FTDNAHg R1b
Eaton1Eaton WorldfamiliesHaplogroup R1b - No Match yet in the Project
Chism1Chisholm FTDNAHap R1b Irish
Mooney1Scottish DNA FTDNAHap R1b Irish
Sheehy1Irish Roots FTDNAUngrouped
Presley1presley-pressley FTDNASubgroup D
McGregor0MacGregor FTDNAMacGregor distant
Hodge(s)0Hodge(s) WorldfamiliesHaplogroup R1b - No Match yet in the Project
McGuire0McGuire FTDNA1780 Lincoln Ky