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This page is under construction, and will never be finished. It was created for my own reference and has been made available on the off chance it could be useful to someone else.

A collection of various files including phylogenetic trees, and Excel spreadsheets can be found here.

L21+ Family Tree DNA Project
R-L21 Yahoo Group

ySearch Modals:

Mike Walsh - Modal from R-L21 Project research group, 96 markers

STR Clusters

Some of these clusters have associated SNPs, while the majority of them are only loosely defined in terms of STRs. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are very many smaller clusters not included.

11-13 Combo Cluster

Family Tree DNA Project
11-13 Combo Cluster Yahoo Group

9919 Cluster

ySearch Modals:

Bill McCeney - Mode: R-L21*with 9-9 & 19-19 Hts

Northwest Irish (R-M222)

By far the biggest cluster of R-L21 found to date in terms of sampling, but not likely the oldest.
Also known as Irish Type I.

Family Tree DNA Project

ySearch Modals:

David Wilson - 76 markers

Scots Cluster

ySearch Modals:

Mike Walsh - 1030-A-Sc24
Mike Walsh - 1030-A-Sc22
Pat Tagert - Scots Modal R-L21* - 31 markers, use for 37 marker searching
Pat Tagert - Scots Modal R-L21* - complete, 78 markers
Pat Tagert - Scots Modal R-L21* - short, just 8 markers
Pat Tagert - Scots Modal R-L21* - SMGF/Ancestry, just 8 markers
John S. Walden - L21 Scot at 67

Beatty-Byrnes Cluster

Also known as the Leinster Cluster. The majority, but not all, of the members also test positive for L159.2.

DYS464X ccgg Family Tree DNA Project
L159.2 Family Tree DNA Project
Beatty Byrnes DNA Yahoo Group

ySearch Modals:

Kirsten Saxe - DYS464xccgg Project Modal (FTNDA)
John Eckersley - 464x ccgg Project Modal (FTDNA), 37 markers
Kirsten Saxe - L159.2- Mystery ccgg cluster 1
Paul Burns - Byrne Leinster Modal
Paul Burns - Leinster (Lagin) Modal
M. O'Connor - L159, 43 markers
Uncle Bob - Celtic Research, 42 markers
John S. Walden - ccgg DYS464X @ 37markers

Irish Type III

The main website is The Irish Type III Website. There is a Family Tree DNA Project as well. Its members test positive for L226.

ySearch Modals:

Dennis Wright - Modal R1b Irish Type III variety, 96 markers
Dennis Wright - Irish Type III Search, 8 markers
n/a - Irish Type III - short, 8 markers

Little Scottish Cluster

The main website is Little Scottish Cluster.com. There is a Family Tree DNA Project as well.

ySearch Modals:

Kirsten Saxe - Little Scottish Cluster modal
Kirsten Saxe - 37 marker Little Scottish Cluster modal
Steven Colson - Possible ancestral haplotype, currently same as modal

Clan Colla

For data, it's easiest to go to Family Tree DNA Project. DNA of the Three Collas has excellent background information.

ySearch Modals:

Josiah McGuire - Clan Colla DNA project modal
Cathy Gardner - Constructed from 43 haplotypes
Joseph A. Donohoe - Airghialla 1, Constructed from 86 haplotypes
Bart O'Toole - 39 markers only
Kirsten Saxe - Modal of R-L21 men with Null 425

South Irish

Also known as Irish Type II. The main website is R-L21 South Irish Project, but some older information is also available at South Irish R1b Y-DNA .

Family Tree DNA Project

ySearch Modals:

Tim Desmond - South Irish R1b, 39 markers
n/a - South Irish R1b - short, 10 markers
John S. Walden - L21 S Irish II at 67
John S. Walden - L21 Cluster S Irish II @ 37

Irish Type IV

Also known as the Irish Continental cluster.

ySearch Modals:

Margaret Jordan - 4th Irish/Cont. Modal, 48 markers
Mike Walsh - R-L21* 1310-T4 Modal, 67 markers

Wales and SW England

Mike Walsh refers to this group as 1416-B-WSW.

ySearch Modals:

Eddie Davis - Wales/SW England, 67 markers
Eddie Davis - Wales/SW England, 67 markers
Robert Hughes - Modal 5, Breckon, 67 markers


Family Tree DNA Project

I don't know of any 37 or 67 marker ySearch entries for the modal or ancestral MacWho haplotypes.